Meet the Esthetician 

Highly sought after licensed esthetician, skincare, and wax expert Carla Dean Perez is the owner of Carla Perez Esthetics in Poteau, Oklahoma, a boutique studio in House of Style Salon where she specializes in spray tanning, waxing, healthy-aging, sensitive skin treatments, including  microcurrent & creating individualized facials tailored for each unique client and skin type! Carla also specializes in bikini and brow waxing services.

Carla's passion for skincare began when she was a young girl struggling with acne. Determined to find a solution to her own issues, Carla began educating herself on the dynamics of the skin, diet, supplements, and holistic nutrition to clear her own skin. Carla now draws on more than a decade of experience to help countless men and women achieve skin transformation with her specialized facial treatments.

"When someone comes to me to help heal and improve their skin, it is important that they know they are in a professional environment while feeling deeply cared for, '' explains Carla. 

"My goal is to help everyone achieve their skin care goals and I stay current on all new ingredients and technologies to create the ultimate atmosphere for beautiful skin."

Carla continually pursues post graduate education with advanced certifications in corrective skincare treatments, microdermabrasion, advanced exfoliation techniques, Brazilian waxing, and most recently, a certification in Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, India's ancient healing system. She wishes to achieve results from a holistic approach, not harming the skin but bringing it into balance. Carla's zest for life and her passionate approach to her clients bring her a skin savvy, loyal following.